Silkscreen reproductions of The Old Oaken Bucket,

published by the New York Graphic Society in the 1940s,

are often mistaken for original paintings.


Otto Kallir, founder of Galerie St. Etienne/Grandma Moses Properties, and Hildegard Bachert, current Co-Director of Galerie St. Etienne/Grandma Moses Properties, compiled the Grandma Moses catalogue raisonné in 1973. With access to the extensive archives amassed as the artist's exclusive representative during her lifetime as well as over 60 years of experience in handling her work, we are recognized world-wide as the experts on Grandma Moses. We are routinely consulted by museums, collectors, dealers and auction houses seeking to authenticate works that are not included in the catalogue raisonné. If you need help with an authentication, please contact us. Your initial inquiry should if possible include a photograph of the work, a close-up photo of the signature, a full physical description (medium, support, size), a transcription of any inscriptions, labels, etc., on the front and/or back of the work, and an ownership, exhibition and publication history. We can often give preliminary opinions based on photographs, but you may eventually need to bring or send the work to us for examination. Please, however, contact us for an appointment before doing so!


Buyer Beware!

Grandma Moses was extremely popular during her lifetime, and a great many reproductions of her work have been sold over the past 50 years. Buyers should be careful not to mistake these reproductions for the real thing. Some of the most deceptive reproductions are described below.

Grandma Moses Tiles Facsimile reproductions of actual tiles painted by Grandma Moses, manufactured by Bergreen-Shelton-Traynor in 1953 and subsequently reproduced on greeting cards by Hallmark. Note that all the original Moses tiles are housed in the Grandma Moses Properties Archive.

Silk-Screen Reproductions of The Old Oaken Bucket Published by the New York Graphic Society around 1946, these reproductions are especially deceptive because the thick silk-screen ink is reminiscent of oil paint.

Grandma Moses Drapery Fabric Between 1950 and 1967, the Riverdale Fabric Company manufactured drapery fabric depicting a number of Grandma Moses tiles and paintings, including Early Springtime on the Farm, Williamstown, Sugaring Off in Maple Orchard, Halloween, Childhood Home of Grandma Moses, Deep Snow, The Checkered House, Harvest Time, At the Well, and Covered Bridge with Carriage (under the title "Eagle Bridge"). Subsequently, pieces of this fabric were often cut out and mounted in a manner resembling paintings.

Reproductions on Paper Countless Grandma Moses reproductions of varying sizes, including greeting cards, have been published over the years. The fact that the signature is reproduced along with the rest of the image does not mean that these reproductions are "signed." Only four images, The Old Oaken Bucket, Sugaring Off, The Old Checkered House and Out for Christmas Trees, were ever issued in editions hand-signed by the artist. In the case of these signed reproductions, the signature, in pen, appears in the margin below the image.