Grandma Moses Properties licenses a broad range of

Grandma Moses Products.


Grandma Moses Properties holds the copyright in all Grandma Moses' work, and controls a number of ancillary trademarks as well as the right to use the artist's name, likeness and writings. Grandma Moses Properties has available a large file of color transparencies, slides and black and white photographs of Moses' work, as well as documentary photographs, which we rent to publishers for reproduction in books and magazines and license for commercial use when appropriate. Grandma Moses Properties has also supervised the adaptaions of the artist's biography for theatrical purposes. Slides may also be borrowed for lecture purposes. If you would like to request transparencies, slides or photographs, please contact us.


Commercial Products

Over the years, Grandma Moses Properties has licensed the reproduction of the artist's work for a number of commercial products. Products are chosen according to their compatibility with Moses' sensibilities, as well as according to the ability of the reproduction technology to accurately convey the artist's work. Some of the most popular products have been:

China Plates

Greeting Cards

Reproductions Suitable for Framing



Grandma Moses Properties has also licensed the use of the artist's work and writings in connection with film, theatrical, television and dance productions.