Anna Mary Robertson ("Grandma") Moses

The Galerie St. Etienne carries a large inventory of Grandma Moses reproductions, publications and products including many out-of print items.

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Grandma Moses Notecards:

After the Wedding; The Barn Dance; A Beautiful World; Cambridge; Dividing of the Ways; Hoosick Falls, New York, in Winter; Joy Ride; Maple Sugar Time; They Are Having Company at Job’s; Get Out the Sleigh; Sleigh Ride; Baking Bread; Balloon; Catching the Turkey; Haying Time; My Homeland; Moving Day on the Farm; The Old Checkered House in 1860; Old Home; Old Times; Over the River; Quilting Bee; Rainbow; or Sugaring Off.

Blank. With envelopes.

$3.00 each

Grandma Moses Notecards:

The Battle of Bennington or White Christmas. Blank. Without envelopes.

$3.00 each

Grandma Moses Postcard Set:

Quiet; Eagle Bridge School; Sugaring Off; Fall in the Hills; Old Oaken Bucket of 1760; Imagination; Out on the Porch; and In Summertime.

8 postcards: $7.00

Grandma Moses Postcards:

The Departure; The Family Picnic; It Snows, Oh It Snows; Mary and the Little Lamb; Moses; The Old Automobile; The Old Covered Bridge; Old Times; or The Spillway.

$1.50 each

Grandma Moses Postcards:

Apple Butter Making; An Artist; Automobile, 1913; Balloon; Before the Battle of Bennington; Black Horses; The Burning of Troy in 1862; Cazemovia Lake; Chickens; Christmas at Home; Eagle Bridge Hotel; Eagle Bridge School; Evening; Fishermen; Flying Kites; Hoosick Falls, New York II; Hoosick River, Summer; Imagination; Invisible; In Harvest Time; In Summertime; It Snows, Oh It Snows; Joy Ride; Mary and Little Lamb; Moving Day on the Farm; The Old Checkered House; Old Covered Bridge in Winter; The Old Kitchen; Old Oaken Bucket; Old Times; The Proposal; Pumpkins; Quiet; Rainbow; The Rainbow; Santa Claus I; So Long Till Next Year; The Spring in Evening; Sugaring Off; The Thunderstorm; Turkeys; Untitled (House by the Riverside); We Are Resting; or Witches.

$1.00 each

Holiday Card Boxed Set: Checkered House

Message: “Wishing You a Holiday Filled with Happy Memories.” Limited availability.

25 cards with envelopes: $20.00

Holiday Card Boxed Set: Christmas Images

Published by Hallmark. Blank. Limited availability.

15 cards with envelopes: $20.00

Holiday Card Boxed Set: The Mailman Has Gone

Blank. Limited availability.

20 cards with envelopes: $25.00

Holiday Card Set: Thanksgiving Turkeys

Published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Message: “Greetings of the Season.” Limited availability.

10 cards with envelopes: $15.00

Holiday Card: Lattice Bridge

Message: “Greetings of the Season.” Without envelope. Limited availability.


Holiday Card: Poor Turkey

Published by Hallmark. Message: “Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years.” With envelope.

$3.00 each